7 Ways to Remember Better


Every one of us has a limitless memory capacity. Our brains can store everything and then some. But the problem is recalling the information. If you need some memory boost, here are some of the things you can do to improve it.   Repetition is the Key When you want to remember something you've read, [...]

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Six Ways to Sharpen Your Brain


Everyone has that moment where they suddenly forget something such as forgetting to remember the name of the person they just talked with. Forgetting why they went to the kitchen in the first place, or not remembering their phone number. Memory lapses can occur at any age, and aging is not generally the cause of [...]

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What Your IQ Says About You


IQ exams have been around for over a century in various forms. It was originally intended to see if children are gifted, or have special needs, but it is now also used by businesses and employers.  Once you get your score, what does that number truly mean? How do these tests measure your intelligence and [...]

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How Your Intelligence and Your Diet Are Related


Our brain, like the rest of the body, relies on nutrients to function properly. The foods we eat have an important role not just on our physical, but mental health as well. There have been a number of convincing studies that back this out, such as this study from the University of Illinois that shows [...]

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9 Ways Language Learning Can Boost Your Health


Did you know that language learning has immense and multiple health benefits? The following list shows you some of the ways that learning a new language at any stage of life can improve your mental and physical health. Did you know that language learning could do this? How Language Learning Improves Your Health 1. It [...]

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7 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Right Now


Many of us suffer from stress, especially in these times of great uncertainty. For this reason, we share with you these mindfulness exercises that are simple enough for anyone to perform in their own home or workplace and are, at the same time, an extraordinarily powerful method to improve our ability to relax, concentrate, and [...]

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Bored and Stuck at Home? Surviving Quarantine


While much of the world is deep in lockdown, many people are primarily concerned with not contracting a physical illness, the novel coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. However, in the meantime, people are finding themselves emotionally and psychologically stranded. Their normal lives are altered and in some cases completely upended. For those with kids, there [...]

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The Link between Saving Money and Longevity


Losing savings affects life expectancy Money-related stress can affect health to the point of compromising longevity. It's always said that "money can't buy happiness," but it seems to have a close relationship with health. It is not surprising, because we have all experienced that economic problems can affect our quality of life, not only because [...]

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10 ways to a better sleep in 2020


Did you know that many people all over the world make getting more sleep their New Year's resolution? Nowadays, falling asleep seems to be, for many, a titanic task and difficult to accomplish. Now, Harvard Medical School (USA) has revealed a series of tips for achieving a peaceful night's sleep (insomnia included), essential for our [...]

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3 Easy Steps to Truly Knowing Yourself


Look inside The image we build on ourselves is subjective and based more on the opinions or judgments of others than on who we really are. What our family has told us about our behavior, the school performance that teachers reflected to us, or bad couple experiences create something that can move far away from [...]

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