Your Guide to Medicare Open Enrollment


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels Medicare open enrollment is also known as Medicare's annual election period from October 15 until December 7 each year. During this enrollment window, plan enrollees will be able to think about your healthcare needs for 2021. This assessment is important every year, especially now that it is critical in [...]

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Social Security Disability: What is It and Who is Qualified


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a social security program that pays you and certain family members monthly benefits if you've become disabled before you reach retirement age and cannot work. SSDI is also known as "workers" disability.   Who Can Qualify for SSDI? To qualify for social security disability, you must have worked in [...]

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4 Ways for Seniors to Stay Fit During Quarantine


Quarantines and lockdowns continue to be a strong possibility in the near future. For seniors, it is especially important to find alternative routines and exercises to keep in the best possible shape in such times. The following article contains some ideas that might make doing so much easier for seniors. Working those legs Leg muscles [...]

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What About Dad’s Health?


With father's day around the corner, it's a good time to ask if you've had a talk with your dad about his health. Many fathers are reluctant to talk about their health with their kids, while some talk all too much about it! Nevertheless, as your dad gets older, it is a good idea to [...]

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New Discoveries on Alzheimer’s Prevention


Alzheimer's disease has a link that cannot be overlooked with aging, although this pathology is not an inevitable consequence of age. The fact that ours is a particularly aging country may be affecting an increase in the number of cases. It also happens that it is diagnosed in more early stages of the disease thanks [...]

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Why Your Glasses Are Probably No Good and Reasons to Get your vision checked


Statistically and scientifically, it is proven that as we age our senses become progressively weakened, such as that of taste, smell, touch, hearing and especially that of sight. These senses are fundamental in the organism since they transmit to our nervous system certain information by means of sensory stimuli, which allows us to recognize the [...]

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Who are the Victims of Coronavirus?


Like other respiratory diseases, the Covid-19 coronavirus attacks the elderly and people with previous medical complications with special virulence. Not so much to the kids. According to data tested by China through February 11, coronavirus mortality rates vary greatly by age. From 0 to 39 years old, it ranks approximately 0.2% among detected cases. About [...]

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