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While many people are focused on the pandemic, we’ve decided to highlight some innovative gadgets that are circulating out there in the marketplace.

Of course, being unable to go to the store freely thanks to lockdown is giving e-commerce a huge boost.

Some of the items being offered are related to the outbreak, such as N-95 derived masks that feature reusable filters, unlike the medical versions. While many are worried about the mask shortage for professional health care workers, these are not the same kind used by them, and as such offer an alternative to conscious consumers.

UV light is a powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal force. Normally, we wear sunscreen to protect us against ultraviolet light due to its destructive power against biological cells. However, that same destructive power can destroy germs, and is often used in hospitals and even in industrial hydroponics, where underwater UV light is used to kill pathogens. Now small UV devices kill germs on your phone, a great innovation!

Compression socks have been designed to improve circulation throughout the body. As your first point of contact with the Earth, many underestimate the importance of what you have on your feet. We did too, until we found out about these!

We had a friend who used to say “You’re as cool as the other side of the pillow.” Indeed, nothing feels better than a smooth, cool surface to lay your head on at night. When we discovered silk pillowcases, we were initially surprised. Isn’t silk for Egyptian royalty and Far Eastern aristocrats? Apparently, not anymore. Manufacturers are making silk pillowcases that are more hygienic than cotton and can help you get a better sleep.